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What is Cost of Sales COS? Formula and Calculation Glossary

In other words, by investing in the business, the company would forgo the opportunity to earn a higher return—at least for that first year. The cost of sales is the accumulated total of all costs used to create a product or service, which has been sold. The cost of sales is a key part of […]

Bookkeeping, tax, & CFO services for startups & small businesses

They are able to seamlessly integrate their bookkeeping into your accounting workflows. is best for very small businesses that need basic bookkeeping services. In today’s increasingly interconnected world, businesses are navigating a landscape of heightened complexity. Within this context, accounting stands out as a pivotal element for achieving business success. Particularly, Certified Public Accountant […]

Value in insurance investing

But there are a few common components that investors are likely to come across. Accounting is a system of recording, analyzing and reporting an organization’s financial status. In the United States, all corporate accounting and reporting is governed by a common set of standards, known as generally accepted accounting principles, or GAAP, established by the […]

How To Find A Small Business Accountant 2024 Guide

If you need help catching up on taxes, you might need to consider services from tax relief companies as well. Live Oak Bank offers a range of business savings accounts tailored to meet the needs of small businesses. Their Business Premium Savings Account and Platinum Business Money Market Account provide convenient and flexible high-yield savings […]

Outsourced Accounting: Definition and Guide

Outsourced agencies allow you to retain your in-house bookkeeping staff but also provide them with more support. One of the common challenges that many businesses face is selecting the best option for their accounting needs. The process of finding the best in-house accountant or an outsourced accounting firm can be daunting. Furthermore, outsourcing to an […]

How Financial Accounting Differs From Managerial Accounting

For example, an accountant for a manufacturing company may notice a long-term trend of the company spending more and more on paying their factory staff. For instance, they may be outpacing the average pay in their sector by 15% per employee. Because this isn’t sustainable in the long run, the accountants may advise more modest […]

Top 12 Accounting Ratios Explained

An “acid test” is a slang term for a quick test designed to produce instant results. The three most common types of accounting ratios are debt ratios, liquidity ratios, and profitability ratios. Incorporating various accounting ratios into your financial statement analysis gives you a complete view of a company’s financial health. The current ratio formula is […]

Free on Board FOB Explained: Who’s Liable for What in Shipping?

This can be especially problematic if the buyer is not familiar with the transportation options or if unexpected delays or issues arise during transport. Since the buyer assumes responsibility for the goods as soon as they leave the port, it is important for them to ensure that their insurance policy covers any potential losses or […]


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